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“We should promote the economic value of environmental protection and services” says Patrick Murphy, DG Environment.

Jun 29th, 2009 |

In the series of interviews for the vision mapping process, a project started by the EWP to elaborate the strengths and weaknesses as well as actions needed in order to implement the aims of the Water Vision for Europe by 2030, Mr. Patrick Murphy, desk officer at DG Environment, shared his thoughts last week.

Patrick Murphy from DG Environment
Patrick Murphy from DG Environment

In his opinion a holistic approach towards environmental management is crucial. Taking the example of land planning, according to him it is indispensable to take the broader – ecosystem – approach into account rather than just small, scattered parts. Further environmental protection and services should be given a clear market value as an incentive for action. Thirdly a personal link should be build to people, how these issues (water scarcity, water pollution, etc.) affect them in their daily life, what are the consequences for their daily life.

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