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“Money is a motivation, but in the Czech Republic even more the neighbors” says Ms. Veronika Jaglova

Jun 19th, 2009 |

Veronika Jaglova

Veronika Jaglova, Czech Water Director

Within EWP’s framework of interviewing key stakeholders for the vision mapping process, Ms. Veronika Jaglova, Czech Water Director, shared her thoughts on how to engage people into sustainable water management. In her opinion the most powerful tool for people to change their behavior are primarily the people living next door as a driver for action. Their impact and influence seem to be higher motivation than financial incentives, law and regulations or media coverage. According to her, in addition a thinking outside the box by connecting to other sectors and actors is indispensable to make people aware that water is a common issue in Europe.

This vision mapping project maps where Europe currently stands with regard to sustainable water management and how far tools and instruments of the European Union are already supporting the aims of the Water Vision for Europe.
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