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“Most funding application procedures within the EU are a disaster” says Mrs. Witmer from WfWP

Jun 3rd, 2009 |

Interview with Lesha Witmer

Lesha Witmer interviewed by Agnes Biesiekierska and Liesje Loomans

The vision mapping process started yesterday interviewing Ms. Lesha Witmer, treasurer and member of the Steering Committee of the Women for Water Partnership (WfWP).

Asked about how far funding application procedures within the EU are practical and adapted to realistic circumstances, Ms. Witmer pointed out, that “they are available but not accessible”. According to her, administrative burdens, legal language as well as complicated criterias prevent a lot of persons to even begin with the application process. Furthermore the current funding mechanisms presume the pre-project work has been already made, which is only in some cases true – it would be essential to foresee a fund which would support the creation of contacts, networks and partnerships before the actual application start.

This vision mapping project maps where Europe currently stands with regard to sustainable water management and how far tools and instruments of the European Union are already supporting the aims of the Water Vision for Europe.

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