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Masterclass at the Water Footprint Summit-Brussels, 5-7 May

May 5th, 2009 |

The Global Water Footprint Reporting Summit – organized by ENG and endorsed by the EWP and WWF – started today in the Marriott Hotel in Brussels. This 3-days event will investigate the role of business versus the role of governments, NGOs and consumers and map out the road to shared global standards.

During this first day of the Conference participants had the unique opportunity to attend a Masterclass on “Mapping the way forward in common water stewardship standards“.

Masterclass' facilitators

From the left: Mr. Orr, Mr. C.Kaledin, Mrs. von-Wiren-Lehr, Mr. Morrison

Fours experts facilitated the masterclass:

  • Mr. Jonathan C.Kaledin, Blue Water Certification Programme Director, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)
  • Mrs. Sabine von Wiren-Lehr, Project Coordinator at the European Water Partnership (EWP), Water Stewardship Programme
  • Mr. Stuart Orr, Water Policy Officer at WWF
  • Mr. Jason Morrison, Director Economic Globalisation and Environment Programme at the Pacific Institute

The objectives of this Masterclass were to:

  • Investigate the most pressing environmental, social and economic issues involving water
  • Review the existing and developing water accounting tools available to companies
  • Discuss the future of water footprinting and discuss how water footprinting may fit into the overall planning and strategic work of companies
  • Investigate the status of regional water stewardship work to create a global water stewardship programme and the leadership opportunities that exist for the private sector in advancing and developing water stewardship
  • Discuss a potential branding and marketing system that recognises and rewards successful water stewards around the world
  • Provide water managers and users with a clearer understanding of the road ahead in regard to water and what role companies might play on water issues in the 21st century.

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